We scale your business to high 5- to 7-digit monthly revenues through social media content creation and social media paid ads

More visibility

Become visible to your ideal customers quickly and build a reach from which you will profit in the long term.

Constant growth

As an online marketing agency, we have a massive interest in working with you for many years. Constant growth is therefore the top priority.

More predictability

You don’t know how many employees to hire because you don’t have a turnover planning capability? With our method you can plan.


You need a FUNCTIONING method for customer acquisition

As we all know, many roads lead to Rome. But only a few paths lead reliably and directly to your sales pipeline.

We put an end to the usual, what everyone does! Put an end to cold calling, daily posts on social media and other acquisition methods that rob you of your time and energy, often lead to little or nothing and are not really measurable.

We’re sure to deliver you 10-30 QUALIFIED customer inquiries, every month! – Promised

We deliver the leads / customer inquiries, you do the close. If you wish, we can also provide you with world-class closers who will make the most of your leads.

This is how we become the online marketing and sales dream team and continuously grow your business.

How we do it?

With paid ads, content creation, social media profile management, landing pages and sales funnels that are specifically tailored to your products and services.

This is how leads, cold prospects and people who are just looking around become paying customers.

In addition, our method is 100% measurable


What we’re going to do with our sophisticated systems to help you make 5-7 figures in the future.

Target group

Only if we understand your target group exactly, we can help you successfully. (Unfortunately, 95% of our competitors ignore this.) If you are not sure who your target audience is, we will help you define it.

The Strategy

Based on the target group analysis, develop with you an individual online marketing strategy that takes into account your current situation and will form the basis for the future growth of your business.


The best plan doesn’t help at all in online marketing if you can’t check it regularly. A functioning tracking system is therefore indispensable. Together with my team, we set up optimal tracking for you, so that everything is measurable.

Websites, Onlineshops, LandingPages, Funnels

50% of the success of paid ads campaigns is due to the landing pages: (landing pages, mobile funnels, websites & online stores) – (design, images, videos & texts). That’s why we attach great importance to well-functioning & high-quality landing pages. It goes without saying that we only build the very best for our customers.

Social Media Ads
(Paid Ads)

To get more customers and sales for you, sometimes very quickly, we place social media ads (paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, …). This is the fastest way to reach people from your target group, who we will motivate to buy your products or services in the short, medium and long term.

Social Media Profile Management, Content Creation

We also use organic strategies to maximize your visibility and reach on social media in the best possible way and thus gain additional customers / more sales for you. We take care of your social media profiles, post regularly for you and continuously create exceptionally high-quality content with a wide reach.

Brand building

We help you to build and expand your brand. We position you optimally and make your brand known or even more known. To do this, we also place ads or use organic strategies. Soon you will be as well known in your target group as Starbucks or McDonalds.


A good media buyer (someone who places paid ads for you.) continuously optimizes their paid ads campaigns. We as a performance marketing agency look after our clients for at least 3 months and hopefully for years. The longer our support, the better the results.

Video Storytelling, Reels

Storytelling is the ability to tell your story or your company’s story, visually, auditorily or audiovisually, that captivates the listener, touches them emotionally and thus leaves a lasting impression on them. Nowadays, storytelling through video achieves the best possible results.



Why our customers love us


Customer inquiries generated


Email addresses collected


Euro turned over with us


We had a landing page created and put our Google Ads management in the hands of Celli Digital Marketing. We are happy to have made this decision so that we can focus 100% on our day-to-day business.

Roberto Mestanza Managing Director MESTANZA GmbH

We’ve been working with Celli Digital for a while now, on a variety of projects. So far, everything has been great. Warmest recommendation from me and my team feels the same.

Max Schlosser Managing Director Kosmeti.co Trade GmbH

We are very satisfied – not only with the wonderful result! We also liked the uncomplicated cooperation very much. This company can absolutely be called serious and competent. We can only recommend!

Werner Lettl Managing Director Lettl & Partner GmbH

Our expectations were completely fulfilled, we are satisfied with the work of Guido or Celli Digital. The cooperation is characterized by honesty and open communication. I have full confidence in this company and the owner Guido Celli-Urbani.

Samim Salamzada Managing Director ADEL Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

Who is Guido Celli?

… and why is he one of the most sought-after experts in the online marketing field?

Owner & Managing Director Guido Celli-Urbani specializes in lead generation and online direct sales for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) & service providers and is one of the leading experts in the DACH region.
Guido has grown up with IT and the Internet since his earliest youth. He built his first computers at the age of 14 and enjoyed repairing cell phones. He completed his vocational training in an IT / TC system house and learned everything there about these areas, including networks, and was already managing a branch of the company in his final year of training. Later he designed professional websites for years, performed IT services and did SEO optimizations. In addition, he ran some very profitable sites in the affiliate marketing area. He also worked for years in IT / TC sales and technical consulting for well-known brands. After that, he ran his own agency that digitized SME companies.
In the meantime, Guido is the CEO of three brands and has many years of experience in how to use online marketing / performance marketing (paid ads) and digitalization in a sustainable way to make companies grow strongly.
The primary intention of my work is to make my clients market leaders in their industry.


Our office is located at the beautiful Lake Starnberg, in Bavaria – more precisely directly in the center of the city of Starnberg. From there, we support our customers in the entire DACH region. However, we work 100% digitally and mostly “remotely” or from the home office.


Take the chance and lay the foundation for your growth through paid online advertising now

+++ Since I mainly perform my service in person, my capacity is limited, so I recommend you to contact me as early as possible +++

So that we are also guaranteed to speak of the same


A customer inquiry (a lead) means that a person has registered in a contact or appointment form in order to learn more about your offer in a conversation with you.

Prospects must answer questions or qualify themselves before they can book an appointment with you. If one or more answers don’t match your idea of the type of customer you want, prospects can’t leave an inquiry with you in the funnel.

10-30 qualified customer inquiries per month is the average value that we have achieved in the past with our projects in the first 3 months. Depending on your advertising budget (AD-SPEND) and the price per lead, significantly more customer inquiries than 10-30 per month are possible.


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