1. Every person acting on behalf of our company fully identifies with our organization and its principles.

2. Every person who works for our company is not an employee or collaborator, but is a partner of our organization.

3. Equality is our top priority, there is no place for discrimination with us.

4. CUSTOMER OBSESSION: Our top priority is always to act first in the interest of our customers and to be focused at all times on creating value for our customers.

5. We cooperate only with customers and partners where there is mutual reliability and respect and chemistry, if not we renounce cooperation.

6. We strive for a personal, emphatic relationship with our partners and customers, within the framework of long-term cooperation and mutual growth.

7. We stand by our handshake and our word: what we say we will do.

8. We do not control: but trust our partners and customers.

9. We consistently implement decisions made and measures planned, even if they are unpopular.

10. We are always honest with customers and partners, we live the radical transparency and radical open-mindedness.

11. We are not perfect, that’s why we work every day to develop ourselves and commit ourselves to learn from each of our mistakes, not to repeat mistakes if possible and to become better every day.

12. We are aware of our responsibility towards the needy in our society and live up to this responsibility within the scope of our possibilities.

Here you can download our PRINCIPLES as a PDF document: